Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pink! + Organized Collections on Flickr

One of my favorite groups on Flickr (so far, I am sure there is so much that I have yet to discover) is the Organized Collection pool, that was created by amazing artist Camilla Engman. 
I added my the top picture to the group and just by peeking around the other photographs, am inspired to start arranging everything I own into curated collections! Go check it out immediately here.
So, this is my "pink" collection...I just desperately love pink. Can't help it.
(and a happy happy happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I can't wait to post about what I got for her- but I have to make sure she got it first so I don't ruin the surprise!)

1 comment:

rhymeswithfun said...

i love your organized collection photos, especially the yellow+blue--super pretty!!! i just saw that flickr pool on another blog too, looks really fun to do! :)