Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new projects!

A new palette of beads...sorry for the blurry photo, but they looked so beautiful in a row that I had to take a photo! There is something so great about the potential of raw materials...I believe that I described the new beads as "test tubes of magic," and they truly are!!!
I have been making medallions with the seed beads and vintage buttons or jewelry findings and planning on..
...making boring winter gloves fabulous!!! 
but... are the medallions a little too fabulous for the gloves??? That is the question! Should they be attached? or should they be pins that are sold as a set, that could be attached to the wearer's favorite gloves?  (cheap gloves included???)
hmmm....decisions, decisions.   I am planning on making some jewelry with this beading technique...and am pretty excited about it!!! I truly love beading...most people think that it is so monotonous, but with each stitch of the beads, I feel like I am creating something precious. I have loved beading since I was REALLY small... 
So, anyway... the reason for the new projects is Finch's Holiday Boutique, which is a super cute annual craft show/sale! Please check the link to see pics from the past shows and the dates for the upcoming sale!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got tagged!

The lovely and talented Van, from rhymes with fun has tagged me here, which means that it is my turn to continue the sharing of all great secrets...the contents of the purse! So here goes...
1. The purse! This is my favorite purse...a gift from Zach, my boyfriend. It is a HOBO bag, which means that it has a super cute lining that makes me really happy every time that I open it! I have been carrying it for about 8 months now. I think that it needs a vacation.
2. The HOBO wallet that matches! Zach thought that I needed a grown-up wallet. This wallet will not get a vacation! I love it!
3. Heavy diamond paperweight...ok, I don't really carry this around-but if I could, I would! A birthday gift from a dear friend.
4. a variety of is a really weird flavor- Strawberry Mint. Who ever thought that those flavors went together....and why did I buy it? It isn't too bad.
5. Cherry Carmex. Sadly, winter is coming upon us again here in minneapolis. That means that carmex is crucial as my lips get brutally chapped!
6. The work badge...
7. A variety of lipstick...I have a new favorite that I got in New York on my last trip.
8. Random jewelry. Sometimes I have to de-jewel after work, so into the purse they go!
9. My checkbook...I write one check a month, so I am not sure why I feel the need to have it in my purse.
These were forgotten in the first picture, but they are always in my purse...
10. My trusty little jump drive! I can't believe how long I have kept track of this bad boy!
11. My lovely keys...with the really old flip flop key chain. I love it because it is easy to find in my purse, and if I ever forget my name, it is conveniently spelled out for me. Zach's aunt or mom bought this for me at the beach a few years ago. 
12. My silly tiny little cell phone. I feel like Zoolander. 
There you go! Are you bored yet? Did you think that I would have cooler stuff hidden in my bag? (not pictured, my tiny gold camera and a framed picture of Van...just kidding! :)
Ok, so I am tagging Miss Abby of Lovey Dovey Designs...Abby, will you please spill the contents of your purse for us?

daily drawing

It kinda looks like a pineapple....but really it is flowers in a faceted bud vase. Well, unless you want it to be a pineapple. Your choice.

Friday, October 10, 2008

daily drawing

A very mischievous little bird...tee hee tee hee.

Daily drawing

A rainy day in good old Minnesota.

Daily drawing

A cabinet of curiosities...

Friday, October 3, 2008

girl + city = love

A trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market... tons of fantastic vintage and indie designer goods. Check out the super cute horse print dress below, as well as my favorite NYC purchase of all...

A paper bag of pearls (best phrase ever)!!! I found these beee-utiful vintage pearls (super heavy, four strands separated with tiny crystals) and debated the price for a few minutes before thinking that they were too expensive for a flea market. I started looking around the rest of the booth, but knew that the pearls HAD to be mine when every time I heard anyone walk near the pearls, I whipped around to make sure that they didn't touch MY pearls. 
Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of five pounds of pearls in a glorious little paper bag!
Oh, the luxury....
I am a believer that jewelry in a little paper bag is way more exciting than a fancy box! 
Check out the other NYC pics below!

I wish that I had a robot collection....

       A small snapshot of my friend's robot collection, mostly vintage and all fantastic!