Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new projects!

A new palette of beads...sorry for the blurry photo, but they looked so beautiful in a row that I had to take a photo! There is something so great about the potential of raw materials...I believe that I described the new beads as "test tubes of magic," and they truly are!!!
I have been making medallions with the seed beads and vintage buttons or jewelry findings and planning on..
...making boring winter gloves fabulous!!! 
but... are the medallions a little too fabulous for the gloves??? That is the question! Should they be attached? or should they be pins that are sold as a set, that could be attached to the wearer's favorite gloves?  (cheap gloves included???)
hmmm....decisions, decisions.   I am planning on making some jewelry with this beading technique...and am pretty excited about it!!! I truly love beading...most people think that it is so monotonous, but with each stitch of the beads, I feel like I am creating something precious. I have loved beading since I was REALLY small... 
So, anyway... the reason for the new projects is Finch's Holiday Boutique, which is a super cute annual craft show/sale! Please check the link to see pics from the past shows and the dates for the upcoming sale!

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