Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Swoop! Project 1

Hot Air Balloon Houses pattern 1!  The skies here have been so blue lately....

Sketchbook 4, Project 1

Theme for the week: "Hot Air Balloon Houses".   Wouldn't it be nice if you could just fly your house wherever you wanted to go??? Drawn with felt tip and Prismacolor markers while daydreaming of a lovely vacation. Be looking for the rest of the first REAL weekly project...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Random sketchbook page- Peeking out from underneath the geometric layer (drawn on tracing paper) are a few magazine tears, one from the cover of an Anthropologie catalog and one from an ad that had amazing illustrations.  I love layering with tracing paper in my sketchbook. It adds so much interest and depth, and I love how the translucency intensifies when colored.
I am going back to my original blogging plan on Monday with a new sketchbook page, featuring my theme for the week-Hot Air Balloon Houses. I am trying to finish up all of the moving madness this weekend so I can have a FRESH start in a fabulous new apartment.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Got ahead of myself!!!

I am in the process of moving apartments...which is totally crazy, messy, stressful, and painful!
But in the end will be SO WORTH IT! I will have a new studio room with a lovely desk in front of a window. I have never had a real studio space, so it is very exciting! When I started this project, the thought of the real work space was what got me going...
So, my first sketchbook post was a little ahead of schedule. Hopefully I can finish unpacking and setting up my new sunny apartment this weekend and get back on track next week.

Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook page- The girl sleeping at the bottom is a from an image I found on the net (anyone know whose?) The hot air balloon is from a magazine ad. I watercolored the butterfly and drew the rest.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sketch 1

My first sketchbook post! The weekly plan for this blog is to post a sketchbook page, which might be drawing only or collage with drawing. (I think that sketching only will be more beneficial then using found images...but I will see how it plays out.  I want to make sure if I use any inspirational image or artwork that I give due credit.) After I create the sketchbook page, I will work on creating motifs from the elements on the page. Then, I plan on posting a new pattern from the motifs at the end of the week.
Each week, I want to explore a new subject and also try to vary the mediums that I create the artwork from. I am hoping to push myself to create a body of work while continuing to develop as an artist.
I graduated from art school a year ago and was lucky enough to land a great job as an assistant designer at a large corporation. My job is helping me develop as a professional...but not really as an artist. This blog will help me to grow creatively.
Ok- enough about that. I probably won't write that much about myself here. I want to focus on the work.