Friday, October 3, 2008

girl + city = love

A trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market... tons of fantastic vintage and indie designer goods. Check out the super cute horse print dress below, as well as my favorite NYC purchase of all...

A paper bag of pearls (best phrase ever)!!! I found these beee-utiful vintage pearls (super heavy, four strands separated with tiny crystals) and debated the price for a few minutes before thinking that they were too expensive for a flea market. I started looking around the rest of the booth, but knew that the pearls HAD to be mine when every time I heard anyone walk near the pearls, I whipped around to make sure that they didn't touch MY pearls. 
Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of five pounds of pearls in a glorious little paper bag!
Oh, the luxury....
I am a believer that jewelry in a little paper bag is way more exciting than a fancy box! 
Check out the other NYC pics below!

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I'm all agog said...

That's really funny! It's nice your pearls will always have a good backstory to go with them.