Monday, March 23, 2009

Papernstitch- up and running!

Hi everyone!!! My papernstitch shop, a paper bag of pearls, is up and running for the next month!!! Please please please visit my shop as well as all of the other shops that debut this month on this fantastic site that really supports artists and designers. Thanks Brittni!!!
If you have a chance to visit my shop and like what you see, please help my shop's rating! {just click on the heart near the banner}
xoxo, kara


Bud said...

Someone Special has been very busy after a weekend with those who love you and your beautiful work.
We were either an inspiration ( or a hindrance ) to what you love to do. It was wonderful to see where you create the lovingly crafted items you share with the world. - You Know Who We Are -

rhymeswithfun said...

your shop looks amazing--i love your new items and great pics!!! i made an account just so i could give you another big heart rating! :)

Deniz said...

OMGGG I just found my new fave blog!! You are so talented it makes me wanna cry!!! MOVE HERE!! Also as soon as I get paid on friday I'm going shopping on Papernstich!!

Nabeel said...

I like the teal blue bowl in the last picture. The color is kinda pleasant.