Monday, July 27, 2009

farmer's market pickled green beans!

I am on a pickling spree! The last few weeks, I made spicy pickled sugar snap peas- SO GOOD! Now that they are out of season, I have moved on to green beans...made these last night after searching the farmer's market for the most beautiful beans available. I am trying to start writing my favorite recipes down in my sketchbooks, so that when I am an old lady, I can pass down my cute, illustrated recipes to my grandchildren. {hopefully, I will have at least one who is interested!}  The recipe is pretty easy- click the image for a larger view. I adapted it from here


rhymeswithfun said... that maeve's vintage tablecloth you swiped from the garage sale before i could return with cash??? ;) your hand-drawn recipe is SO CUTE!

Becca said...

you should make a cookbook.

DC said...

Yum!! I went to the Farmers Market today! Have you seen the previews for Julie and Julia...because this post def reminds me of it!!