Thursday, August 6, 2009

happy and excited...

It has been a great couple days! Not only did I find an amazing and perfect wedding dress last weekend, as well as had a ball shopping with my mom....but I found out this morning that I was chosen to be the winner of this contest by Katee Grace Photography! She is going to travel to Savannah and take delightful photos of us and all of the excitement on our special day!!! Check out her post on us here! 
I thought this little drawing in my sketchbook would be a nice way to thank Katee Grace and get her ready for a good time at our wedding!!!


ruthie said...

Love this illustration. Yay you found a dress, how exciting. and how wonderful that you won the photo shoot, wow. i really love the details & designs & way you guys are planning your wedding, just perfect x

~j~ said...

I just came over to offer my congratulations for winning Katee's wedding photo contest! Having had Katee capture some very precious moments in the life of my family I can honestly say you are one lucky couple! Can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

Katee Grace said...

oh what a sweet post! :)
I am so so so excited to be your wedding photographer and capture ya'lls day!

much love and many thanks for your sweet sketch and thanks,
katee grace

Claire said...

Love the drawing! Congrats on finding the wedding dress =)

Christie Bickerstaff said...

Free amazing wedding photography?! Can you get more exciting news??