Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Years

Happy New Year! (a few days late...) I wanted to share my resolutions with you as well as get them written down so I can't back out! The image above is an illustration that began as a collage of totally random images and drawings. I really loved how it all came together, so I re-interpreted it in pen and ink. I had planned on finishing it with digital color and sharing it with you.....about four months ago! Which leads me to my first resolution:

*to finish what I start and focus on one thing at a time*
 (remember my design ADD?) I am interested in so many different things, which I think is good- but does it hold me back from being really brilliant at my true calling? (haven't nailed down the true calling yet either...)

*to become a better photographer* 
The styling and the shooting to truly showcase my work. Sooooooo important for selling work online- which leads me to my next resolution-

*to open a new Etsy shop*
 I am planning on using my stock from Finch's Holiday Boutique to develop a focused and curated Etsy shop. I really want to begin selling online and to create this shop as a true reflection of myself and my point of view. The shop's name? "a paper bag of pearls", of course!
I want to focus on the details and make it work!

*continue blogging and not let stress at work take over my life*

*exercise more and show my love to my family* 
That is all! Phew!  I hope that I didn't bore you...and I hope to follow through with these thoughts and goals. Happy 2009!

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rhymeswithfun said...

that drawing is amazing!!!!! i just posted my resolutions too...and they are weirdly similar to yours...were you spying on me...? jk! great minds, my friend, great minds.

happy new year!!!