Monday, January 12, 2009

the absolute LUXURY! the love...

I want you to see the love of my life! If you know me at all, you know that I have an absolute weakness in the knees at the sight of a really beautiful opal- or a faux-pal (this is MY term-BTW) The large necklace is perhaps and most likely the BEST six dollars that I have ever spent in my life! It is my favorite necklace- really, it GLOWs! I get compliments every time that I wear it...
So, getting to the point, I have recently discovered the value of Etsy (not for the amazing handmade everything), but for the SUPPLIES!
I have been going absolutely mad in Minnesota by the lack of quality (cheap!) antique stores that can provide me with the glory that I am used to...Savannah,GA was the spot for finding reasonably priced treasures!
Etsy has provided me with the treasures- vintage loveliness that will inspire me to create new jewelry.  I used to find all sorts of broken bits of jewelry that were begging for a new life!  I miss the thrill of the hunt, but online hunt is better than no hunt at all!
Now- I am the proud owner of 5 beeeeeeautiful faux-pals in a few different sizes and will be making something absolutely fantastic with them to share with you!

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