Monday, July 21, 2008

Draw Flowers, #2

 I have been really behind on this weeks theme- I had a friend in town and then had to recover from said friend's fantastic visit for a few days.  I am also taking a pottery class- I am finding it hard to decide where to allocate some of my creative energy...first, I have my job, which sometimes zaps not only my creative energy but all of my energy. Then the pottery class and the blog have to battle it out for the leftovers (along with the boyfriend, dog, bathing, enjoying the brief minnesota summer...)  Anyhow, I am trying to stay focused and continue on with everything full force!
So- back to Draw Flowers- This was a fun piece- I watercolored the background, then I started with the splats ( I never knew that making ink splats was sooooo super fun- where have I been????!) I like the idea of beginning with imperfection already on the piece. No pressure! Then, I worked the floral in to the splat-work. What do you think? 

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