Thursday, July 8, 2010

handmade wedding cake topper {finally}

Inspired by amazing work by Katie Runnels, making a cake topper was high on my list of DIY projects for my wedding. Since I was planning on using {life size} pennants throughout the ceremony and reception, I made a tiny string of pennants to hang over the bride and groom birds. I used wire wrapped in silk to create the arch. I found feather birds from Micheals and covered them in silver glitter and made them tiny outfits. For the base, I covered a round chipboard box with pink silk, a stripe of muslim, and a length of vintage sequin trim. I used the lid from a smaller chipboard box, covered with pink glass glitter as a platform for the birds. In the end, I was really happy with it! I had a really simple cake to save $$$, so the topper was the showpiece.
{glue guns are perhaps the best invention ever}

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