Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding dreams {table decor}

I saw this great DIY idea on a few blogs recently and thought that it would be fantastic as center pieces for my wedding reception! I love milk glass {which is conveniently EVERYwhere at garage sales} as well as pretty feminine plates~ my plan is to search garage sales/flea markets/goodwills for both items, then assemble them into cake stands in Savannah before the big day! {epoxy glue apparently does the trick}  I am planning on sticking to my color palette as well as delicately patterned plates to create cohesive arrangements...  
I think that 3 to 5 per table, topped with candles and smaller vases of flowers will be a beautiful centerpiece arrangement! So far, all plates, vases, and candlesticks have been under 3$ and most have been a dollar or less! This also gives me a glorious excuse to go to antique shopping-yay! 
Friends and family~ now you know what to look for!


kris said...

This is SO SO SO beautiful,the idea is great,and I love your colorful plates on those white pedestals!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! It seems like your wedding plans are really coming along ~ congrats!!

ruthie said...

wonderful idea Kara, love it.

Claire said...

Beautiful! You can put some candies or truffles on them for guests to nibble on =)

Katee Grace said...

this is so beautiful Kara! I am so excited to see your amazing creations! :)
I will email you after the new year!


katee grace :)