Saturday, May 23, 2009

engagement photo prep!

Zach and I are getting engagement photos taken on Monday {if the rainstorms hold out}  My friend and talented photographer, Amber Engfer is working our little photoshoot at a secluded outdoor location {the QUAKING BOG at Theodore Wirth Park- sounds pretty, huh! If the bog doesn't thrill us, the Wildflower garden is on the other side of the park...} So of course, outfits must be planned. 
I found the beaded blue dress {for 1$} in LA, and hacked off the bottom of the dress so it would fit in my carry-on bag. I thought that I only wanted the beaded trim...but, I really liked it as a dress once I tried in on. Sadly, it is inappropriately short- so my plan is to stitch the lace + pleated trim from a vintage slip to the bottom of the dress. Keep your fingers crossed! I haven't sewn in awhile....
I made the flower for my hair with layers of white silks and linen + pleated velvet ribbon and a vintage brooch {inspired by my friend Sara} And I have extra long curls at the moment, thanks to my talented fiance, who gave me extensions last night! {Fun}


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Oh PLEASE show us photos!! I cant wait to see how it comes out!!!

kara said...

The dress actually turned out! I will definitely share some photos- Thanks Chrissy :)