Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebrate! Illustration Friday (late) (whoops)

Dear Spring,
Won't you please come to my party? I baked you a cake....
Kara in Minneapolis
My illustration friday submission for "Celebrate".
PS: it is snowing in Minneapolis.


jess gonacha said...

what a gorgeous illustration! it makes me want to celebrate indeed. ;)
thank you so much for stopping by pecannoot-- hope you'll come back often, and maybe submit something...? :) No pressure!

Kassi Isaac said...

i love it- beautiful detail.

hope you keep nice an toasty in the snow. x kas

Bella Sinclair said...

Breathtakingly gorgeous! Wow, look at all those tiny, beautiful flowers. The colors are marvelous. And the CAKE! I don't care if it's late. I'll take cake any time. :D

INDIGENE said...

Late and quite the design!