Monday, September 8, 2008

Pottery Pictures!

Here is some of the finished glorious pottery from the class that I took over the summer. Mostly we threw on the wheel which is really great if you are in the zone and totally frustrating if you are not. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and the time that I spent in the studio.  I never really valued the time that I spent working in the studios in college...I guess because it was considered "homework". Now, after spending the majority of my time in a (artistically designed /mood board-esque and completely messy) cubicle, it seems so fantastic to spend some time in a studio. Especially when I am wearing jeans and a tee instead of "business casual" and heels. know then what I know now. I think that I would have treasured my studio time all the more.
I did improve my pottery skills, although most of my pots collapsed if they got bigger than 6 inches tall. They are all considerably lighter in weight than my 20 lb bowls that I made in high school art class- a definite improvement! Please note the cute little birds hiding amongst the pots. I made about a zillion of them when I was not in the throwing mood. Is it weird that I got an urge to make a kindergarten "pinch pot" too?
Sorry about the lack of posts lately...I am entering the busy time at work again, which mean that my daily drawings suffer- Pictures of the tote bag that I made for the craft swap to come.

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