Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily drawing

This is the first in the series of daily drawings that I hope to complete. I recently bought the "notebook of champions" ... the MOLESKIN. I bought a tiny one with the graph paper. Usually, I am a one notebook woman...(normal is 8 X 12 - big enough to paste my inspiration pics +draw/note) but I went crazy and bought 2 different notebooks. In the past, I have neglected one sketchbook in favor of the other. I think that using my moleskin for ONLY drawing- one a day- no pasting- might help keep the action even in both notebooks...
(ok- I already favor the moleskin a little) I love how small it is- it forces you to keep the composition of the drawing small. It isn't as ambitious as drawing on a whole normal sketchbook page and I have come to grips with the pen showing through to the other side of the paper (perfectionist peeve).
I am dating each drawing with a different hand lettered sign/post-it on the back of page before.
I am not particularly happy with the first drawing, but I felt that I should post it anyways!

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